Wednesday 29 Sep 2021

ADE *Music That Moves date reschedule to Saturday 16.10

Due to the goverment regulations we reschedule Music That Moves event to Saturday 16th October.

If you bought tickets for 13th October you can still use it on the Saturday.

New openingstime will be at 19:30pm until 00:00am with a local line up:  Shinedoe and Elisa Batti.
DJ Hemka will be playing on another date.



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Wednesday 22 Sep 2021

Cancelled @ ADE Dave Clarke Presents rescheduled to 2022

Unfortunately, Shinedoe is not playing during ADE at Dave Clarke Presents in the Melkweg.
Her gig is moved to 2022.

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Thursday 16 Sep 2021

Live at Hör Radio Berlin

17.09.2021 Hör Radio live at  5pm -6pm CET.

Follow live 5pm: here.







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Friday 30 Jul 2021

Colombia weekend in August 2021

Shinedoe is playing on August 19th, 20th  and 22nd in the cities Manizales and Medellin.

Dates and info here

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Friday 30 Jul 2021

84 releases out there

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Thursday 29 Jul 2021

Music That Moves @ Basecamp Festival Ijmuiden rescheduled to 2022

We proud to announce Music That Moves hosting @Basecamp Festival in Ijmuiden (NL).
More information here

Unfortunately Basecamp festival will be reschedule to 2022.
More info here

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Monday 21 Jun 2021

Music That Moves at ADE 2021

We are happy to announce Music That Moves during Amsterdam Dance Event in Paradiso (Upstairs) Amsterdam.

Wednesday 13th October 
Line up is curatored by Shinedoe

Hemka (Balans - Rekids -Float Records. FR)
​Elisa Batti (Immaterial, IT)

Tickets available here

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Wednesday 12 May 2021

Boiler Room in Sofia

My first time playing for Boiler Room. This event will take place on Friday 11th  June in Sofia (Bulgaria).
Info & tickets here

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Thursday 22 Apr 2021

Awakenings Podcast #105

Shinedoe podcast for Awakenings is now on soundcloud, listen here.

Awakenings · Awakenings Podcast #105 - Shinedoe

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Tuesday 20 Apr 2021

RA review of The Observer album on Axis Records

Read here 'The Observer' Album on Axis records reviewed by Resident Advisor

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Monday 19 Apr 2021

The Escape Velocity Magazine issue 2

Jefff Mills interviewd Shinedoe in his new magazine .Read issue two here.

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Monday 12 Apr 2021

The Observer out now on Axis Records

Shinedoe joins The Escape Velocity - Jeff Mills’ curated techno project for Axis Records. The project gathers together some of the planet’s most innovative techno visionaries to produce work based on Space Science and Science Fiction - released at a high frequency and delivered direct to customers only via digital formats. The project also gives space for each artist to express their thoughts and feelings for the album in detail, should they wish.

Shinedoe’s installment encapsulates all the reasons why she is regarded as one of the most important producers active today, showcasing her brand of precision techno with soul. Based in Amsterdam and with Nigerian roots, Chinedum Nwosu’s relentless passion for the finer elements of electronic dance music has seen her win over hearts and minds in every aspect she has turned her attention to - from her transformative DJ performances, authoritative productions and exquisitely curated labels - Intacto and now the newly formed Music That Moves (MTM Records).

These six tracks emphasize her mastery of deep, futuristic techno very much in line with the vision shared by the Detroit originators. The title The Observer relates to the process of observing without judgement, a state whereby we are in the moment, experiencing our surroundings without translating those senses into thought or reaction.

“The observer means for me to be connected with your soul. By not getting lost in the external world. Don’t forget you are a human being who is light, creative, and has lots of love to give.Each person has his or her way to get to the source inside. For me, this is music, the almighty Universal, God or whatever you want to call it.

It shows me the way. The road can be bumpy, but I believe there is always light.”

More info at Axis Records



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Thursday 1 Apr 2021

Vinyl Collection Picks by Shinedoe on YouTube

Shinedoe will share her Vinyl Collection Picks with you on her Youtube.

Check out her first pick, listen here.

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Wednesday 10 Mar 2021

Signing Jeff Mills presents The Escape Velocity on Axis

Out soon stay tuned.

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Friday 5 Mar 2021

Sound Travelling Album 2006 now available on Bandcamp

Bandcamp waived its revenue share to help support many artists on Bandcamp Friday.

Now available on bandcamp my first album Sound Travelling on 100% Pure from 2006. Digital and Vinyl:


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Tuesday 2 Mar 2021

New coaching practice website 2021

Shinedoe started her coaching practice this year in the Netherlands.
She also coach in English. If you live outside the Netherlands, she will be available for online coaching.
If you have a questions or problem. Please don't hesitated to contact her at here website



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Tuesday 2 Mar 2021

Monday 8th March IWD livestream @ Radio Radio FM

Shinedoe is invited to play during Internationale Women's day at Radio Radio Fm Livestream.
Set time 20:00-21:00 hr.
Info > Radio RadioFM

Listen back on Youtube or soundcloud

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Tuesday 29 Dec 2020

THANK YOU and BYE 2020

I wish you all a healthy and inspiring 2021.
Read here Shinedoe last newsletter of 2020.

Looking forward to see you on the dancefloor!

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Tuesday 29 Dec 2020

Holiday Sale on Bandcamp

Click here Bandcamp Shinedoe store



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Saturday 14 Nov 2020

Livestream set for Beatport ReConnect now on Youtube

Shinedoe DJ set - ReConnect: When the Music Stops | @Beatport Live

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Friday 6 Nov 2020

Beatport ReConnect x When The Music Stops live stream

Shinedoe live stream for Beatport ReConnect x When The Music Stops

Sunday 8 Nov 3PM PDT - 9 Nov 12 AM  CET on Twitch Live


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Friday 9 Oct 2020

New Shinedoe Instagram page

As you may know Shinedoe IG and FB page is hacked and blocked.
Shinedoe has a temporary page until her pages are up and running.

Follow Shinedoe here

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Saturday 3 Oct 2020

Time change Electric Living Room @ Paradiso

Due to new regulations in Amsterdam, Electric Living Room night starts  now at 7pm till 10pm.
Tickets are available here.

See you this Saturday!



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Friday 2 Oct 2020

Subscribe to Shinedoe's mailing list

Facebook and IG is still not working.

Click here to subscribe and keep  up with Shinedoe's news, or scan QR code with your mobile phone.

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Monday 28 Sep 2020

Electric Living Room tickets sales now online

Electronic Living Room ticket sales starts today, click here.

Tme change due new club regulations in the Netherlands, event starts at 7pm till 10pm.

See you Saturday!

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Friday 25 Sep 2020

Saturday 10 October Electric Living Room @ Paradiso Amsterdam

Saturday 10 October

Music That Moves presents Electric Living Room w/ Shinedoe and Conforce live!

More information and tickets here.


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Friday 25 Sep 2020

Facebook & Instagram pages hacked and unjustified blocked

My facebook page was recently hacked, because of this facebook blocked all my pages including Instagram.

I have been contact them for days and no results, I get a computer answered chat or a form to fill in.
The situation is out of my hands. Yesterday I got a reaction from Instagram team, and let see what will come out of this.

I'm surprised that if someone hack and spam your pages, you have no rights to defend yourself.This is still in progress, I will update it on my website.

Anyone had the same experience? Please advise and thank you!

Please join my mailing list to stay uptodate, click here or use QR code.






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Tuesday 1 Sep 2020

System premiere track by Electronic Grooves

Electronic Grooves Premiere "System read here

Electronic Groove · Premiere: Shinedoe - System - MTM

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Friday 28 Aug 2020

Ahimsa EP is out now!

Shinedoe's new release Ahimsa EP is out now on MTM Records.

Shinedoe returns to her own label MTM for her third release Ahimsa. Following up from the release of the acclaimed Feelings EP on Rekids in February, 

The title track Ahimsa (a Sanskrit word for the virtue of ‘doing no harm’) has a light, transparent feel, yet maintains a strong, driving force. It exudes a subtlety and gracefulness that is sometimes lacking in the world, as pads and keys intertwine and evolve over the rhythm. It’s a musical metaphor for Shinedoe’s approach to finding peaceful ways to solve problems.

The 2nd track, System, comes from a different angle  - revealing an edgy atmosphere through a deep, off-beat cut touching on early electro. It has a dystopian sci-fi feel, in keeping with its title. Rounding off the EP is Cortisol, perhaps the most directly dancefloor related track here. It’s hyperactive groove goes straight for the jugular, overlaying tension-building rolls and breaks that hit hard.
All-in-all, Shinedoe has produced another bold and creative EP, fusing hard hitting grooves with that all-important element of hi-tech soul. It’s the perfect fit for her MTM label.

Track listing:

1. Shinedoe - Ahimsa
2. Shinedoe - System
3. Shinedoe - Cortisol

Buy/Stream here.




Shinedoe · MTM003_ Shinedoe - Ahimsa EP [Snippets ]* release date 28.08.2020

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Monday 24 Aug 2020

Limited MTM Bags now available on Bandcamp

Material: 100% Cotton
Color: Black
Logo: MTM (Music That Moves)

Buy here


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Monday 17 Aug 2020

Ahimsa EP out 28th August on MTM

Shinedoe returns to her own label MTM for her third release Ahimsa. Following up from the release of the acclaimed Feelings EP on Rekids in February.

Shinedoe · MTM003_ Shinedoe - Ahimsa EP [Snippets]

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Friday 7 Aug 2020

Mix for Invite's Podcast

Invite · Invite's Choice Podcast 605 - Shinedoe

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Sunday 19 Jul 2020

Livestream Selvazul festival for SOS Amazonas in Colombia

Special dj mix for Selvazul Livestream Festival, they are raising money for SOS Amazonas, an organization that helps in the Amazonas of Colombia. They need medical equipment an resources to build ICU's for people who are infected with COVID-19.

Info about SOS Amazonas go to or click on donate button to go straight to charity.

Listen to livestream here or go to my soundcloud.

Enjoy the music!

Shinedoe · SOS Amazonas 2020" target="_blank" style="color: #cccccc; text-decoration: none;">Stay Home Mix July > SOS Amazonas 2020

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Saturday 18 Jul 2020

MTM vinyls are available at Bandcamp

Get your MTM Records copies at Shinedoe's Bandcamp.

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Wednesday 8 Jul 2020

Shinedoe online talk at Knob Twiddlers Hangout #11

Shinedoe is joining Speedy J 's Knob Twiddlers Hangout #11 online talk with Nene H, Hening Bear and Joris Voorn.

Wednesday 8 July 2020
21:00 CET

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Friday 5 Jun 2020

Change The World track on Spectrum SL Compilation

Sweat Lodge · Shinedoe - Change The World

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Friday 29 May 2020

Stay Home mix June "Drum 'n Bass" special

I hope you enjoyed my latest 'Stay Home Mix' May.
For the month June, I went through my Drum 'n Bass collection and got really excited.

I have been playing Drum 'n Bass as aka 'Black Magic Queen' around 1997 till 2000 in Amsterdam.
Step step and enjoy!

Tracklist Black Magic Queen * Vinyl only set

1. Photek - Santiago
2. Sci-Clone - O.D.
3. Roni Size & Represent - Brown paper bag
4. Lab Logic - Promo
5. John L - Moving Thru Air
6. Stakka & K.Tee - Ya Don’t Stop
7. Renegade - Dark Soldier Part 2
8. DJ Rap ft. Top Cat - Roughest Gunark
9. Ray Keith VS Nookie - Self Destruction
10. John L - Wish you had something
11. John B - Pressure
12. DJ Search - Strange Times
13. Dillinja /Lemon D - Pain
14. Ed Rush & Optical - Search
15. Nasty Habits -Shadow Boxing
16. Adam F - Circles

*Listen loud, you need to hear and feel the bass!

Shinedoe · Stay Home Mix June * Drum 'n Bass Special (aka Black Magic Queen) Vinyl Only

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Thursday 7 May 2020

Stay Home mix May is now online

Hope you all safe and healthy!

Here is my 2nd  “Stay Home Mix” fuel for your body and soul,  track list is included.
Warning you might move your hips or get confused, just go with the flow and let it all out ;-), enjoy!

Track list Stay Home May:

1. Exos - Alien Eyes
2.  Avision - That's my Shit (Shinedoe Edit)
3. Johannes Volk - Machine Epsilon
4. Shinedoe - Nature Save Us (Beats mix)
5. Slam - The Pace
6. Ubx127 - Solitude
7. Developer - Jive Kept Me Alive
8. Hemka - Mushroom Kingdom
9. Random XS - Give Your Body
10. Roberto Clementi - Wall Of People
11. Unknown Artist - Spectrum303
12. Arkvs- Multable Signs
13. Dustin Zahn - Tiny Shocks
14. Anfisa Letyago - I’d Rather B (Mark Broom Mix)
15. Marco Faraone - No Drama
16. Shinedoe - Feelings
17. Luke Slater - O- Ton Reassembled 6
18.Tripeo - Utopia For Realist


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Tuesday 28 Apr 2020

Watch official Feelings video on Rekids

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Thursday 9 Apr 2020

Podcast Stay Home mix April 2020

Shinedoe recorded a new mix Stay Home on is now uploaded on Soundcloud.

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Thursday 2 Apr 2020

Live Stream closing set @ Freedom Medellin Festival 2020

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Monday 17 Feb 2020

Mixmag Techno review Roots Are Calling - Rekids

Mixmag review Roots Are Calling on Mixmag Magazine issue 346 _March 2020

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Saturday 15 Feb 2020

Music That Moves clubnight Paradiso Upstairs

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Saturday 15 Feb 2020

Jeff Mills and Shinedoe at Shelter Amsterdam

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Friday 7 Feb 2020

Resident Advisor review Feelings EP

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Friday 7 Feb 2020

Shinedoe closing set at Freedom Medellin Festival 2020

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Friday 7 Feb 2020

Feelings EP Out Now on Rekids

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Thursday 6 Feb 2020

6 AM Group LA Premiere Feelings EP

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Monday 20 Jan 2020

Pre-order Feelings EP on Rekids starts today

Shinedoe's Feelings EP' drops on Rekids Special Projects on 7th February 2020.
Pre-order starts here.

‘Feelings’ opens on a 90s rave tip with arpeggiated synths, delayed hats, rolling snares and distant voices before ‘Roots Are Calling’ dives in as Shinedoe brings her African grooves back to techno with rattling percussion, reverbed plucks, enticing tom hits and saturated claps. On the flip ‘Nature Save Us’ bounces with mid-range bass, 909 like beat programming, whistling lasers and subtle strings until the ‘Beats Mix’ finalises with a rhythmically charged edit, featuring vocals from Shinedoe herself, pulsing with classic cymbals and sublime layered vocals.


A1. Feelings
A2. Roots Are Calling

B1. Nature Save Us
B2. Nature Save Us (Beats Mix)


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Thursday 16 Jan 2020

February 29th Music That Moves night w/ DJ Rolando pre-order starts today

Shinedoe is hosting Feb 29th Music That Moves night @ Paradiso (upstairs) in Amsterdam.
Her first guest is DJ Rolando (R3, Underground Resistance)

Rolando grew up in south west Detroit - a Hispanic district - and he was heavily influenced by his cultural Latin rhythms and percussion. It was later when he heard Jeff Mills in 1985 as "The Wizard" that he discovered the innovative sounds of Techno. Through a mutual friend he was introduced to Mike Banks and joined Underground Resistance in 1994. In 1999 'Jaguar' although not Rolando's first release on UR turned perceptions of Techno on their head, breaking into other genres of dance music and becoming a classic in the boxes of many DJs. Rolando has been a DJ for almost 30 years and holds a residency at Berlin's enigmatic club Berghain.

Pre-order RA | Paradiso
Facebook Event

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Tuesday 7 Jan 2020

Feelings EP on Rekids featured on Evlear Sweden

Shinedoe is releasing on 7th February her Feelings EP on Rekids. Evlear did a feature on their website read here.

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Tuesday 17 Dec 2019

Glaciers Meltdown EP featured in Clubbing Spain

Clubbing Spain did a feature about Glaciers Meltdown EP and upcoming release on Rekids in 2020 read here

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Saturday 14 Dec 2019

Shinedoe signed a record deal with Rekids for 2020

On February 7th Shinedoe's new release 'Feelings EP" will be out on Rekids Special Projects, more information will follow soon.

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Friday 13 Dec 2019

Glaciers Meltdown EP out now on Intacto

Shinedoe brings the heat to Intacto as she causes a “Glaciers Meltdown” with this next release.

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Wednesday 11 Dec 2019

Nidra taken from Glaciers Meltdown EP

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Wednesday 11 Dec 2019

Just Be True taken from Glaciers Meltdown EP

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Wednesday 13 Nov 2019

Freedom Festival 2020 in Medellin

Shinedoe will be playing on the 2nd February in Medellin, Colombia.
More info including full line up click here.

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Wednesday 13 Nov 2019

Upcoming Intacto release in December

After a busy autumn Shinedoe is back with a new release on Intacto.
Watch out for "Glaciers Meltdown", release date December 13th.



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Friday 11 Oct 2019

Where to find Shinedoe during Amsterdam Dance Event 2019

Shinedoe's ADE starts on Wednesday 16th Oktober during the daytime 5pm at Zwart Goud Instore Festival. She will host her Music That Moves with guests Tripeo and Sinfol.

At night Shinedoe is invited by D'EDGE to join their showcase in a special location, Crane (NSDM-Plein 78).

Thursday 17th October she will joining Zwart Goud Football team to play at RA CUP raising money for  Extinction Rebellion.

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Wednesday 25 Sep 2019

This year second Colombia tour

Shinedoe is playing on Saturday 28.09 at the Elemental Festival in Cali. After her set, she will fly to Bogota to spin in the evening at Baum Club. Catch her the week after  October 05.10 at CLX presents Shinedoe in Popayan.
Swing by if you in town!

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Wednesday 28 Aug 2019

Classic tracks now on my Bandcamp

Phunk and Dillema are now added on Bandcamp, check these out!

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Monday 5 Aug 2019

Faze Magazine review Razor EP on MTM Records in August issue

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Friday 19 Jul 2019

Mixmag reviews Razor Dub on MTM Records for Magazine August Edition

Mixmag reviews Razor Dub in the magazine August Edition

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Monday 15 Jul 2019

Live stream at Clone Records Store Rotterdam

Shinedoe will be playing import, second hand and new records from the Clone Records Store in Rotterdam. The music is selected on the spot. Check the tracklisting here



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Wednesday 10 Jul 2019

Resident Advisor new track feature July

 Razor EP [ MTM Records ] featured on Resident Advisor

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Tuesday 9 Jul 2019

Razor EP available on Bandcamp

Shinedoe's new Razor EP including Roberto Remixes is now available on Bandcamp

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Friday 28 Jun 2019

Razor EP second release on her own Music That Moves label

Shinedoe drops her second release on her own MTM Record, following on from last year's outstanding Mutant Frequencies EP.

Razor is a four track release that cements the label boss’s role as one of the most important producers in the scene, highlighting her powerful, refined sound throughout the different versions included here.

The original of Razor is as sharp and deadly as the title suggests - a taut, edgy production built around a propulsive rhythm, great swarths of razor-sharp synths and fizzing, popping
percussion. The Dub Version strips away the metallic synths and focuses in on the rhythmic interplay of drums, bass and percussion, resulting is a spacy, dubbed out techno weapon.

The remixes come courtesy of Rob Kirkaldy, aka Roberto - the London based techno producer whose exciting, direct sound shows influences from Detroit as well as his hometown. The first remix is a rolling, deep banger - that seems to develop in intensity as waves of sounds merge and meld, guided by laser like percussion. Roberto’s second remix strips away some of the additional layers, and reveals a sleek, rhythmic structure that takes it cues form some of the
lords of Detroit techno.

Track list:
A1. Shinedoe - Razor (Original)
A2. Shinedoe - Razor (Dub)
B1. Shinedoe - Razor (Roberto Remix 1)
B2. Shinedoe - Razor (Roberto Remix 2)

Format: Vinyl (28 June) and Digital (12 July)

Supported by:
Jeff Mills " Sounds great"
DJ Rolando "What a Killer release "
Marcel Fengler "Will play for sure! Thank you!
Marcel Dettmann, Truncate and many more!

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Wednesday 26 Jun 2019

DJ MAG Premiere 'Razor'

DJ Mag choose Shinedoe  'Razor' as Premiere, click here .

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Tuesday 25 Jun 2019

Interview with Alataj Magazine Brazil

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Friday 21 Jun 2019

OUT NOW Shinedoe Crystal Remix on Dial Records

Dial records is excited to announce Dial76 - four remixes for Lawrence‘s recent album "Illusion" with contributions by Shinedoe, Tracey, Trux and Carsten Jost. Amsterdam based Shinedoe, who’s productions have been widely admired and played by Dial DJs from Lawrence to Efdemin since her earliest releases, provides a warmly enchanting Techno version of "Crystal".

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Wednesday 5 Jun 2019

South America Tour month June

Shinedoe heading back to South America this month, find here:

28.06 D'EDGE in Sao Paulo, Brazll
29.08 TBA
30.06  Motel Club @ Salento, Colombia


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Friday 24 May 2019

Vinyl pre-order Shinedoe Razor EP on MTM Records

Shinedoe's new release Razor EP pre-order starts now at your local recorstores

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Tuesday 7 May 2019

Shinedoe Selections playlist on Spotify

Shinedoe made a new playlist for Spotify, click here

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Monday 6 May 2019

H2O Shifts EP available

Shinedoe's H2O Shifts EP is now available on all digital platforms, click here.

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Friday 26 Apr 2019

Think Pink Dresden interviews Shinedoe

Think Pink Interviews Shinedoe, read here

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Sunday 27 Jan 2019

Out now compilation Best of Intacto Presents: Best of Shinedoe 2004-2018

Out Now a selection of Shinedoe's tracks on Intacto Records from 2004 till 2018, click here to listen to the compilation.
Buy on Beatport

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Wednesday 23 Jan 2019

Only Vinyl set at Mary Go Wild In-store Session

Shinedoe is playing Thursday 24 January at Mary Go Wild Instore session for an Only Vinyl set in Amsterdam

Free entrance, join here for 2 hours from 5pm till 7pm

More info click here


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Monday 10 Dec 2018

Shinedoe track on Ben Sims presents Tribology Compilation

Ben Sims added Shinedoe's Road 777 unreleased track, which he remixed on his Tribology compilation on Machine Label.

Find more info here


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Friday 2 Nov 2018

DJ Mag UK interview with Shinedoe

Read here DJ Mag UK interview with Shinedoe, also included a podcast.

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Tuesday 2 Oct 2018

Mutant Frequencies EP now on Bandcamp



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Thursday 13 Sep 2018

Record of the Week at Groove Magazine

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Thursday 13 Sep 2018

Shinedoe joins Richie Hawtin and Francois X at Elemental Festival Colombia

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Friday 7 Sep 2018

Out Now Mutant Frequencies EP on Vinyl

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Thursday 30 Aug 2018

Mutant Frequencies track featured by DJ MAG Premiere

Shinedoe is launching her new label MTM Records (Music That Moves) on September 7th.
DJ Mag features Mutant Frequencies taken from the EP on  DJ Mag Premiere.




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Wednesday 29 Aug 2018

Teaser video Mutant Frequencies EP

Release info:

The Mutant Frequencies EP is the first transmission from Music That Moves - Shinedoe’s new label focussing entirely on her own productions. If this release is anything to go by, the label is set to make its mark just as her other label Intacto has done since 2004.

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Monday 16 Jul 2018

Festivals in The Netherlands

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Thursday 12 Jul 2018

Slam Radio podcast with Shinedoe

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Monday 2 Jul 2018

MTM Records Amsterdam coming soon!

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Friday 1 Jun 2018

Out now Acidploitation EP

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Friday 25 May 2018

Debut Detroit, Washington DC and Seoul

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Friday 25 May 2018

Music That Moves show May edition

Music That Moves show May edition with guest Esther Duijn
@ Radio Nachtlab Live Stream now on Youtube.

Also on soundcloud

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Thursday 26 Apr 2018

Shinedoe invited at Red light Radio Amsterdam

Shinedoe live at Red Light Radio on 3pm (CET)


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Tuesday 24 Apr 2018

Festivals this Summer in the Netherlands

Catch Shinedoe this summer at the Milkshake Festival, Welcome To The Future Festival and Loveland Festival in the Netherlands!

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Tuesday 24 Apr 2018

Music That Moves Show April on Youtube

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Tuesday 27 Mar 2018

Shinedoe starts Music That Moves show at Nachtlab Radio Live Stream



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Friday 19 Jan 2018

Asia Tour January 2018

Shinedoe will do a mini tour through Asia, first stop at Beam Club Bangkok , Dada Beijng and Dada Shanghai>

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Tuesday 17 Oct 2017

Catch Shinedoe at Amsterdam Dance Event 2017

Shinedoe is playing on Saturday 21st October for Jack Special during Amsterdam Dance Event. Alongside Lady Starlight, Milton Bradley and others. For more info click here

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Friday 13 Oct 2017

Returns to The Block Tel Aviv

Shinedoe returns back to The Block, after her gig in April and last year December.
She will be playing in the Squat Room from 3am-6am.


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Wednesday 27 Sep 2017

Talk with Vice Netherlands

Interview is only in Dutch, click here

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