Monday 5 Jun 2023

RA podcast DJ mix & interview 2023



Resident Advisor RA.887 Shinedoe

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Tuesday 6 Dec 2022

Ransom Note interview and mix 2022

Read here the interview with Ransom Note.

Ransom Note Shinedoe: The 'Ransom Note' Mix

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Thursday 21 Apr 2022

One Mix with Jeff Mills (DJ Mix)

My Redraw All Senses track is add at One mix with Jeff Mills on Apple Music.
Listen to his mix here 

My Observer album on Axis Records is now available on all  online platforms.






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Thursday 7 May 2020

Stay Home mix May is now online

Hope you all safe and healthy!

Here is my 2nd  “Stay Home Mix” fuel for your body and soul,  track list is included.
Warning you might move your hips or get confused, just go with the flow and let it all out ;-), enjoy!

Track list Stay Home May:

1. Exos - Alien Eyes
2.  Avision - That's my Shit (Shinedoe Edit)
3. Johannes Volk - Machine Epsilon
4. Shinedoe - Nature Save Us (Beats mix)
5. Slam - The Pace
6. Ubx127 - Solitude
7. Developer - Jive Kept Me Alive
8. Hemka - Mushroom Kingdom
9. Random XS - Give Your Body
10. Roberto Clementi - Wall Of People
11. Unknown Artist - Spectrum303
12. Arkvs- Multable Signs
13. Dustin Zahn - Tiny Shocks
14. Anfisa Letyago - I’d Rather B (Mark Broom Mix)
15. Marco Faraone - No Drama
16. Shinedoe - Feelings
17. Luke Slater - O- Ton Reassembled 6
18.Tripeo - Utopia For Realist


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Thursday 9 Apr 2020

Podcast Stay Home mix April 2020

Shinedoe recorded a new mix Stay Home on is now uploaded on Soundcloud.

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