Friday 23 Sep 2022

Freedom Riders Album out 21st October 2022

“Freedom Riders is about living in a world where there is peace, and all our basic needs are fulfilled. Each being having the right to live in peace, be happy and to be. We are all Freedom Riders, some of us get lost and need to get back to the source.” - Shinedoe.

Shinedoe readies her fifth album ‘Freedom Riders’ on her MTM Records imprint with the release of
her vinyl-focused ‘Wake Up’ EP, offering a four-track preview into the project while unveiling a selection of diverse electronic productions for home listening through to the dancefloor.

Over two decades, Dutch DJ and producer Chinedum Nwosu, aka Shinedoe, has established her presence as one of house and techno’s most loved talents, while carving a true path to her own vision.

Based in Amsterdam and featuring as a key part of the city’s rich and blossoming underground scene, with performances across De Martkantine, Shelter and Thuishaven to international institutions such as Berghain to Fabric, her releases on the likes of Rekids, Cocoon, Bpitch Control and her 2021 release ‘The Observer’ on Jeff Mills’ iconic Axis cemented her reputation as one of the scene’s first talents. 

Having launched her own label MTM Records in 2018, releasing four EPs on the label to date, October signals the arrival of the label’s first album in the form of her ten-track ‘Freedom Riders’ - an expansive and diverse project created in lockdown capturing sonics from across the spectrum - with the LP preceded by Nwosu’s four-track album sampler EP titled ‘Wake Up’.

Track list:

1. Shinedoe - Freedom Riders 
2. Shinedoe - Peace
3. Shinedoe - Safety First
4. Shinedoe - Shine 
5. Shinedoe - Wake Up
6. Shinedoe - Floor Action
7. Shinedoe - Lockdown
8. Shinedoe - Expressionisme
9. Shinedoe - So It Is
10.Shinedoe- See The Light



Shinedoe · Freedom Riders Album Preview Mix *21.10.2022

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Tuesday 16 Aug 2022

Amsterdam Dance Event 2022 with Dave Clarke presents

Shinedoe  is joining "Dave Clarke Presents" at the Melkweg during Amsterdam Dance Event 2022.

Date: Friday 21 October
Tickets are available here 

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Wednesday 20 Apr 2022

The Observer now available as stream

The Observer is now available at all online music platforms including bandcamp






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Friday 18 Feb 2022

Garden of Eden EP is out now

Shinedoe returns on her own MTM label with three tracks of powerful, affecting techno. Following on from her much lauded The Observer EP on Jeff Mills’ Axis Records, Shinedoe brings her distinct feel for sci-fi textures and affecting atmospheres to this exceptional release.

Listen here

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Thursday 17 Feb 2022

Video Resistance

Garden of Eden EP is out on 18.02.2022

Track: Resistance Pre-order:

Label: MTM ( Music That Moves)

Catno: MTM004

Listen here :
Video credits Saleimy studio

Shinedoe returns on her own MTM label with three tracks of powerful, affecting techno. Following on from her much lauded The Observer EP on Jeff Mills’ Axis Records, Shinedoe brings her distinct feel for sci-fi textures and affecting atmospheres to this exceptional release.

Garden of Eden is a swirling, tumultuous track underpinned by an insistent rhythm, producing a track of rare beauty within the chaos. In her own words, “ I welcome life even when there is a big storm passing through. There is always something joyful to get you through. Garden of Eden is about being content and finding beauty in any kind of friction”.

Next up is Cyber Attack - a dystopian soundscape of metallic hits and rumbling beats. The track poses the question of how we would exist in a post cyber world, and if we are ready or capable of going back to basics.

Resistance rounds out the EP - beginning with a modulating electo-buzz and developing into a futuristic technoid roller inspired by Shinedoe’s meditations on change - “Without resistance there is no change and life will stay the same. Resistance is about growth”.


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Tuesday 21 Dec 2021

Garden of Eden out on February 18th 2022

Pre-order on Bandcamp.

Shinedoe · MTM004_Shinedoe - Garden of Eden EP (Preview) 18.02.2022

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Tuesday 20 Apr 2021

RA review of The Observer album on Axis Records

Read here 'The Observer' Album on Axis records reviewed by Resident Advisor

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Wednesday 10 Mar 2021

Signing Jeff Mills presents The Escape Velocity on Axis

Out soon stay tuned.

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Friday 5 Mar 2021

Sound Travelling Album 2006 now available on Bandcamp

Bandcamp waived its revenue share to help support many artists on Bandcamp Friday.

Now available on bandcamp my first album Sound Travelling on 100% Pure from 2006. Digital and Vinyl:


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Saturday 14 Nov 2020

Livestream set for Beatport ReConnect now on Youtube

Shinedoe DJ set - ReConnect: When the Music Stops | @Beatport Live

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Saturday 3 Oct 2020

Time change Electric Living Room @ Paradiso

Due to new regulations in Amsterdam, Electric Living Room night starts  now at 7pm till 10pm.
Tickets are available here.

See you this Saturday!



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Friday 25 Sep 2020

Saturday 10 October Electric Living Room @ Paradiso Amsterdam

Saturday 10 October

Music That Moves presents Electric Living Room w/ Shinedoe and Conforce live!

More information and tickets here.


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Friday 25 Sep 2020

Facebook & Instagram pages hacked and unjustified blocked

My facebook page was recently hacked, because of this facebook blocked all my pages including Instagram.

I have been contact them for days and no results, I get a computer answered chat or a form to fill in.
The situation is out of my hands. Yesterday I got a reaction from Instagram team, and let see what will come out of this.

I'm surprised that if someone hack and spam your pages, you have no rights to defend yourself.This is still in progress, I will update it on my website.

Anyone had the same experience? Please advise and thank you!

Please join my mailing list to stay uptodate, click here or use QR code.






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Tuesday 1 Sep 2020

System premiere track by Electronic Grooves

Electronic Grooves Premiere "System read here

Electronic Groove · Premiere: Shinedoe - System - MTM

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Friday 28 Aug 2020

Ahimsa EP is out now!

Shinedoe's new release Ahimsa EP is out now on MTM Records.

Shinedoe returns to her own label MTM for her third release Ahimsa. Following up from the release of the acclaimed Feelings EP on Rekids in February, 

The title track Ahimsa (a Sanskrit word for the virtue of ‘doing no harm’) has a light, transparent feel, yet maintains a strong, driving force. It exudes a subtlety and gracefulness that is sometimes lacking in the world, as pads and keys intertwine and evolve over the rhythm. It’s a musical metaphor for Shinedoe’s approach to finding peaceful ways to solve problems.

The 2nd track, System, comes from a different angle  - revealing an edgy atmosphere through a deep, off-beat cut touching on early electro. It has a dystopian sci-fi feel, in keeping with its title. Rounding off the EP is Cortisol, perhaps the most directly dancefloor related track here. It’s hyperactive groove goes straight for the jugular, overlaying tension-building rolls and breaks that hit hard.
All-in-all, Shinedoe has produced another bold and creative EP, fusing hard hitting grooves with that all-important element of hi-tech soul. It’s the perfect fit for her MTM label.

Track listing:

1. Shinedoe - Ahimsa
2. Shinedoe - System
3. Shinedoe - Cortisol

Buy/Stream here.




Shinedoe · MTM003_ Shinedoe - Ahimsa EP [Snippets ]* release date 28.08.2020

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Monday 17 Aug 2020

Ahimsa EP out 28th August on MTM

Shinedoe returns to her own label MTM for her third release Ahimsa. Following up from the release of the acclaimed Feelings EP on Rekids in February.

Shinedoe · MTM003_ Shinedoe - Ahimsa EP [Snippets]

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Friday 7 Feb 2020

Resident Advisor review Feelings EP

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Monday 20 Jan 2020

Pre-order Feelings EP on Rekids starts today

Shinedoe's Feelings EP' drops on Rekids Special Projects on 7th February 2020.
Pre-order starts here.

‘Feelings’ opens on a 90s rave tip with arpeggiated synths, delayed hats, rolling snares and distant voices before ‘Roots Are Calling’ dives in as Shinedoe brings her African grooves back to techno with rattling percussion, reverbed plucks, enticing tom hits and saturated claps. On the flip ‘Nature Save Us’ bounces with mid-range bass, 909 like beat programming, whistling lasers and subtle strings until the ‘Beats Mix’ finalises with a rhythmically charged edit, featuring vocals from Shinedoe herself, pulsing with classic cymbals and sublime layered vocals.


A1. Feelings
A2. Roots Are Calling

B1. Nature Save Us
B2. Nature Save Us (Beats Mix)


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Saturday 14 Dec 2019

Shinedoe signed a record deal with Rekids for 2020

On February 7th Shinedoe's new release 'Feelings EP" will be out on Rekids Special Projects, more information will follow soon.

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Friday 13 Dec 2019

Glaciers Meltdown EP out now on Intacto

Shinedoe brings the heat to Intacto as she causes a “Glaciers Meltdown” with this next release.

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Monday 5 Aug 2019

Faze Magazine review Razor EP on MTM Records in August issue

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Wednesday 10 Jul 2019

Resident Advisor new track feature July

 Razor EP [ MTM Records ] featured on Resident Advisor

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Tuesday 9 Jul 2019

Razor EP available on Bandcamp

Shinedoe's new Razor EP including Roberto Remixes is now available on Bandcamp

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Friday 28 Jun 2019

Razor EP second release on her own Music That Moves label

Shinedoe drops her second release on her own MTM Record, following on from last year's outstanding Mutant Frequencies EP.

Razor is a four track release that cements the label boss’s role as one of the most important producers in the scene, highlighting her powerful, refined sound throughout the different versions included here.

The original of Razor is as sharp and deadly as the title suggests - a taut, edgy production built around a propulsive rhythm, great swarths of razor-sharp synths and fizzing, popping
percussion. The Dub Version strips away the metallic synths and focuses in on the rhythmic interplay of drums, bass and percussion, resulting is a spacy, dubbed out techno weapon.

The remixes come courtesy of Rob Kirkaldy, aka Roberto - the London based techno producer whose exciting, direct sound shows influences from Detroit as well as his hometown. The first remix is a rolling, deep banger - that seems to develop in intensity as waves of sounds merge and meld, guided by laser like percussion. Roberto’s second remix strips away some of the additional layers, and reveals a sleek, rhythmic structure that takes it cues form some of the
lords of Detroit techno.

Track list:
A1. Shinedoe - Razor (Original)
A2. Shinedoe - Razor (Dub)
B1. Shinedoe - Razor (Roberto Remix 1)
B2. Shinedoe - Razor (Roberto Remix 2)

Format: Vinyl (28 June) and Digital (12 July)

Supported by:
Jeff Mills " Sounds great"
DJ Rolando "What a Killer release "
Marcel Fengler "Will play for sure! Thank you!
Marcel Dettmann, Truncate and many more!

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Wednesday 26 Jun 2019

DJ MAG Premiere 'Razor'

DJ Mag choose Shinedoe  'Razor' as Premiere, click here .

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Friday 21 Jun 2019

OUT NOW Shinedoe Crystal Remix on Dial Records

Dial records is excited to announce Dial76 - four remixes for Lawrence‘s recent album "Illusion" with contributions by Shinedoe, Tracey, Trux and Carsten Jost. Amsterdam based Shinedoe, who’s productions have been widely admired and played by Dial DJs from Lawrence to Efdemin since her earliest releases, provides a warmly enchanting Techno version of "Crystal".

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Tuesday 7 May 2019

Shinedoe Selections playlist on Spotify

Shinedoe made a new playlist for Spotify, click here

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Monday 6 May 2019

H2O Shifts EP available

Shinedoe's H2O Shifts EP is now available on all digital platforms, click here.

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Sunday 27 Jan 2019

Out now compilation Best of Intacto Presents: Best of Shinedoe 2004-2018

Out Now a selection of Shinedoe's tracks on Intacto Records from 2004 till 2018, click here to listen to the compilation.
Buy on Beatport

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Monday 10 Dec 2018

Shinedoe track on Ben Sims presents Tribology Compilation

Ben Sims added Shinedoe's Road 777 unreleased track, which he remixed on his Tribology compilation on Machine Label.

Find more info here


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Tuesday 2 Oct 2018

Mutant Frequencies EP now on Bandcamp



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Thursday 13 Sep 2018

Record of the Week at Groove Magazine

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Friday 7 Sep 2018

Out Now Mutant Frequencies EP on Vinyl

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