Friday 28 Jun 2013

31st of August Shinedoe will be hosting first edition Intacto nights @ Studio 80

Yes yes,  Saturday  on the 31st of August, I will be organising my first Intacto Night at Studio 80, Amsterdam.

I'm proud to announce that Nick Curly will be joining us and dutch locals like Zoexenia and Tommy Kornuijt. Two floors will be open.

Mark this date in your agenda!

More info will follow or drop by on  facebook page

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Monday 15 Apr 2013

My new remix Pascal Nuzzo is out on Intacto Records

My new remix I made for Pascal Nuzzo is out on Intacto Records


Artist: Pascal Nuzzo

A1: One Time
A2: One Time [Shinedoe Remix]

ONE TIME A dark, suspenseful track that clearly illustrates Pascal Nuzzo’s newfound love for the underground scene. With a beat that hypnotizes you and a melody that sways your every emotion, ‘One Time’ is a climactic experience that moves and invigorates you.

ONE TIME [SHINEDOE REMIX] A phat remix with an extremely dubby bassline and vocals to complete the total transformation of the original, this remix by Shinedoe will make every dance floor explode. You can’t play this trophy just one time: you have to listen to it over, and over, and over again.

Format: Vinyl & Digital

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Monday 1 Apr 2013

New track on Bpitch Control Compilation

I made a track called Romantique together with vocalist Christina Wheeler for Bpitch Control Compilation, Where The Wind Blows!

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Thursday 28 Feb 2013

Check out my new podcast Shake & Listen

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Thursday 3 Jan 2013

Highlights of 2012!

2012 had a great vibe!

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Sunday 9 Sep 2012

Out Now Content

For our eighth digital only release Intacto’s co-founder Shinedoe has once again created an EP that will make the club crowd go wild!

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Tuesday 12 Jun 2012

Shinedoe's Excessive Podcast

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Monday 28 May 2012

Excessive Out Now

It's time to get Excessive

Get ready for some 'Excessive' dance action this month with the release of Shinedoe's new EP featuring a remix by Gregor Tresher.

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Sunday 29 Apr 2012

Rejected & Intacto On Stage

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Monday 6 Feb 2012

Shinedoe new release on Get Physical

Transcendental EP

Years after delivering a remix for Booka Shade in 2006, Shinedoe makes her solo debut on Get Physical this winter, bringing with her a wonderfully fresh sound in the form of her Transcendental EP. She takes us to the tops of mountains and then drags the deepest waters.

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Tuesday 31 Jan 2012

Shinedoe remix on Cocoon Records

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Friday 7 Oct 2011

Shinedoe new release on Intacto Records

Bring It On EP

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Wednesday 30 Nov -1

Shinedoe's Pom Pom EP is out now!

Last May saw the release of Illogical Directions, the third album by Shinedoe, to be released with critical acclaim. Surely a mesmerizing highlight in the artist’s career, the album represents several deep and melodic excursions in nowadays Techno and House, while her own imprint Intacto Records also added a beautiful gem in its

Now Shinedoe delivers some new intense colored and uplifting dance floor grooves to flourish around the globe. “Pom Pom” is a solid jacking track while “Up Groove”
subtly builds up tension. “An Code Reque” was inspired by a DJ set in Berghain of…Guess who??!

A1 Pom Pom
A2 Up Groove
B An Code Reque
Dave Clarke: Will support Pom Pom on radio and in clubs
Anja Schneider: Yes great record. Love Pom Pom !
Marc Romboy: Veeeery fresh EP by a Lady who knows the score! Big fan of "An Code Reque"!
Matthias Tanzmann: great tracks!
DJ Sasha: Up Groove is cool, also liking the dark edge on An Code Reque
Ellen Allien: super love it
Kaiserdisco: Great EP!
And many more ....................

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Wednesday 30 Nov -1

D.D.S.T.T.M Shinedoe remix 2005 is out now

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Wednesday 30 Nov -1

Shinedoe South and Central America Tour dates June

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Wednesday 30 Nov -1

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Wednesday 30 Nov -1

Ahimsa EP reviewed by RA

Read here magazine feature and review

Shinedoe ยท MTM003_ Shinedoe - Ahimsa EP [Snippets ]* release date 28.08.2020

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