Thursday 17 Feb 2022

Video Resistance

Garden of Eden EP is out on 18.02.2022

Track: Resistance Pre-order:

Label: MTM ( Music That Moves)

Catno: MTM004

Listen here :
Video credits Saleimy studio

Shinedoe returns on her own MTM label with three tracks of powerful, affecting techno. Following on from her much lauded The Observer EP on Jeff Mills’ Axis Records, Shinedoe brings her distinct feel for sci-fi textures and affecting atmospheres to this exceptional release.

Garden of Eden is a swirling, tumultuous track underpinned by an insistent rhythm, producing a track of rare beauty within the chaos. In her own words, “ I welcome life even when there is a big storm passing through. There is always something joyful to get you through. Garden of Eden is about being content and finding beauty in any kind of friction”.

Next up is Cyber Attack - a dystopian soundscape of metallic hits and rumbling beats. The track poses the question of how we would exist in a post cyber world, and if we are ready or capable of going back to basics.

Resistance rounds out the EP - beginning with a modulating electo-buzz and developing into a futuristic technoid roller inspired by Shinedoe’s meditations on change - “Without resistance there is no change and life will stay the same. Resistance is about growth”.