The Road To Samadhi - Bpitch Control

The Road To Samadhi - Bpitch Control


BPC278 Shinedoe - The Road To Samadhi

Amsterdam’s Shinedoe is a virtuoso in creating floor-conquering productions. In this trip to the Samadhi state of consciousness, she has packed two new tracks in her suitcase.

The ecstatic „Pure Groove“, driven by jacking claps, has an intense tension that arises from the interaction of synths, bass and rhythm. This drama is juxtaposed by wonderful pads which are a fantastic surprise.

Conversely, the title track „The Road To Samadhi“ swaddles itself in a deep deep techno vibe. Swaying groove and melody generates this distinct dynamic.

Supported by Richie Hawtin, Karotte, Catz N' Dogz, Nina Kraviz, Laurent Garnier, Heidi, AME, SLAM, Tiefschwarz, Matthias Tanzmann, Konrad Black, Fabrizio Maurizi and more..

Release date 18.10.2013
Record label: Bpitch Control Berlin