Mutant Frequencies EP - MTM Records

Mutant Frequencies EP - MTM Records


The Mutant Frequencies EP is the first transmission from MTM Records – Music That Moves - Shinedoe’s new label focussing entirely on her own productions. If this release is anything to go by, the label is set to make its mark just as her other label Intacto has done since 2004.

Shinedoe has built a stellar reputation in the scene for her unmissable DJ sets and stand-out productions, which have made her one of the most respected names in techno. Kicking off this release, the title track Mutant Frequencies sets out the agenda - a deep driving baseline intertwined with sparking, modulated synth lines and crisp, urgent percussion. The result is a tough techno bomb, but containing Shinedoe’s signature subtleties. Over on the flip, the Robert Hood referencing M-Plant is an acid- tinged, bouncy groover - the baseline writhes and wriggles throughout the track while the pulsating kick and fizzing percussion propel the track ever higher, punctuated by an exquisite break. Last but not least, Triplex is a deeply atmospheric cut, slowly building out of a hypnotic synth hook and dark, brooding pads - Shinedoe’s masterly production keeps the track full of tension throughout.

MTM Records  (Music That Moves ) Founded in 2018, Music That Moves is the latest venture by Amsterdam-based techno maven Shinedoe. Having been jointly responsible for the long running and hugely influential Intacto label with partner in crime 2000 and One, Shinedoe’s new label is a vehicle for her own special musical vision. Music That Moves is the home for precision techno with soul - literally music that will move you in every sense.



A.   Shinedoe - Mutant Frequencies

B1. Shinedoe - M-Plant

B2. Shinedoe - Triplex