Shinedoe new release on Get Physical

Monday 6 Feb 2012

Shinedoe new release on Get Physical

Transcendental EP

'Light' is a deep mix of Techno cascades and Funk groove. We build up momentum with piano and driving percussion toward a climactic break, then pull you further into the vibe.

’Transcendental' brings a treat of dazed synth and organic percussion. A trip into the music brings us to the dark rooms of late night. We are entranced with thick bass and hypnotic repetition throughout the course of the dancefloor friendly track.

Next we are immediately entrapped by the muffle of 'Cosmic', under a thick sheet of foggy ambience. Vocal cuts stab the air, setting the pace for a sudden bass groove. The track is deep, solid and very Detroit.

Format: Digital (Out Now), Vinyl (date to be anounced)



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